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Office of International Students Room 1507, International Students’ Apartment Central Conservatory of Music No.43, Baojia Street, Xicheng District, Beiijng, China, 100031

About apartment

   CCOM International Students Apartment is located in 43 Baojia Jie, Xicheng District, Beijing, CCOM East Campus. There are 49 double rooms accommodating nearly 100 international students to live in. Every room has a private bathroom, an air-conditioner, desks, wardrobes, beds (a set of beddings for free), chairs and WiFi access. The shared place on each floor is equipped with a TV, a fridge, a washing machine, a microwave oven, a hot plate, a water boiler, tables and chairs, provided for students to do laundry, cook, meet and have fun. In addition, there is also a Study Room on each floor.

   There are infirmary, supermarket, laundry room, barbershop, coffee shop, canteen and vending machine around the apartment, providing more convenience for students.

   International Students Office inside the department deals with routine affairs involved all international students. The information desk on the first floor is for some registration works, including lodging, reception, room maintenance and sleepover.

   According to CCOM regulations, international students shall live in the International Students Apartment. Students who want to live off the campus, have to apply to the International Students Office for permission.