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International Students Administration Policy of Central Conservatory of Music (Interim)

   In order to improve the standardized administration of international students, and to promote the development of international students’ education, the rules combining with the basic situation of the conservatory are hereby enacted in accordance with the Administrative Rules on the Acceptance of International Students of Colleges and Universities issued by the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Public Security.

I. General Provisions

1. The students administration policy, as a basic regulation governing the administration of international students affairs, applies to all departments, institutes and research centers of the conservatory (hereinafter referred to as departments). “International students” refers to foreign citizens with foreign passports registering and attending degree courses or non-degree courses in our conservatory.

2. The conservatory shall follow the guideline of “student-oriented, centralized management by specified departments, graded responsibility, coordinated cooperation, standardized and efficient approach, proactive and prudent development” toward the administration of international students, and steadily promote the process of assimilating administration of students from both domestic and overseas.

3. An assistant president is assigned to take charge of international students management, who shall shoulder the responsibility to formulate the international students development plan and detailed rules for its implementation, coordinate and solve significant problems in the administration of international students, and report major issues to the president office or conservatory party committee for discussion and decisions.

4. The International Exchange Office, as the administrative department to manage international students, is responsible for policy-making about international student administration, training and instructing, implementing supervision, and coordinating works.

5. The International Student Office, a subordinate body of the International Exchange Office, represents the conservatory to coordinate the relations with departments concerning international students administration, such as Department of International Cooperation and Exchanges of the Ministry of Education, the Division of International Students Affairs of China Scholarship Council, the Foreign Affairs Office of the People’s Government of Beijing Municipality, Beijing Municipal Commission of Education, Bureau of Exit and Entry Administration of the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau. The conservatory shall manage the international students administration works under the instructions of the related departments.

6. The departments of every school which accept international students play an important role in international students’ instruction and routine administration. They shall arrange their teaching and administrating work in accordance with the principles of assimilating management of students from both domestic and overseas. At the same time, functional departments deal with the affairs involving international students within the scope of their responsibilities, including the Office of Educational Administration, the Graduate Division, the Student Affair Office, the Security Department, the Campus Management Department, the Office of Budget and Finance, Library and the Network Centre. The International Exchange Office shall coordinate the works of every department.

II. Administration

1. Administration of Enrollment

The Office of Educational Administration, the Graduate Division and the International Exchange Office jointly formulate guidelines concerning the enrollment of international students, publish enrollment rules and admit international students as stipulated in such rules. The number of international students accepted shall not be subject to enrollment limitations under the State Enrollment Plan.

In accordance with relevant national regulations and the practical situation, the conservatory shall set and publish itemized and standardized fees to be collected from international students. Fees shall be collected in RMB.

The conservatory shall review applicants’ qualifications for entrance and may administer tests or assessments to applicants. The criteria for admission shall be formulated by the conservatory. Chinese language proficiency tests shall be administered to those applying for degree education in the Chinese language.

The conservatory shall give priority to admitting international students who fall within the State Enrollment Plan. We may, at our own discretion, admit international students in connection with international exchange programs and self-funded students. We may accept international students who have already been admitted by other colleges or those that transfer to our conservatory for study contingent upon the consent of the original college.

2. Administration of Student Status

The conservatory shall manage the academic files of international students according to relevant national regulations. The decision of forcing an international student to withdraw shall be reported to the Ministry of Education as a matter of record. If said international student has been included in the State Enrollment Plan, the conservatory shall also submit a written notice to the China Scholarship Council.

The conservatory shall, according to relevant regulations, grant certificates of graduation (certificate of completion of study, certificate of uncompleted study) to international students, and grant degree certificates to those who have obtained an academic degree. We may, where necessary, provide foreign language versions of the certificates mentioned above.

3. Administration of Teaching

The conservatory shall make arrangements for international students’ study according to the unified teaching plan, and undertake instructional activities after taking into consideration the psychological and cultural characteristics of international students. In order to maintain the prerequisites for quality education, the conservatory may make appropriate adjustments to international students’ compulsory and elective courses.

Both Chinese Language and A Survey of China shall be compulsory courses for international students receiving degree education. If the Chinese language level of a international student taking courses in Chinese does not meet the requirements for study in his or her major, the conservatory shall provide necessary prerequisites for improving the student's Chinese language skills.

The conservatory shall instruct international students for internships and practical training. When making arrangements for teaching and practical training, the conservatory shall strictly follow relevant stipulations concerning foreign affairs.

The conservatory shall, as instruction demands, provide appropriate learning conditions for international students. If international students need to use equipment or have access to materials that are not included in the teaching plan, they shall apply to the conservatory for review and approval in accordance with relevant stipulations and procedures.

4. Scholarship System

At present, the conservatory provides Chinese Government Scholarship and Beijing Government Scholarship for international students to apply for.

The Chinese government has established a Chinese Government Scholarship for international students studying in China. The Ministry of Education shall make plans concerning the enrollment of international students funded by Chinese Government Scholarship based on agreements concluded between China and foreign governments or as China's exchange needs require. International students funded by Chinese Government Scholarships shall be subject to annual appraisals of their scholarship eligibility, otherwise the scholarship shall be rescinded. The annual appraisal includes academic records, learning attitude, lecture attendance, performance and behavior, awards and punishments they have received.

Beijing Government Scholarship was established by Beijing Municipal Government, aiming to attract and encourage excellent international students to study in Beijing. The Interim Measures of BGS Project Management and the BGS Implementing Measures are announced to regulate the scholarship’s management and usage, to yield maximum benefits, and to attract and encourage more excellent international students to study in the conservatory. Most of the scholarship is used to pay the tuition fees. The amount of the scholarship depends on the criterion released by the International Student Office. In theory, the scholarship is preferably awarded to the Degree Program students as well as new students entering for the autumn semester.

5. On-campus Administration

The conservatory shall carry out the education and management of international students according to the laws and regulations of the State and the conservatory rules. International students shall abide by the laws and regulations of the State and the rules and disciplinary requirements of the conservatory, and respect Chinese social morals, customs and practices.

As a general rule, the conservatory shall not organize international students to participate in political activities, but encourage them to take part in cultural and sports activities organized by the conservatory.

The conservatory shall respect the ethnic customs and religious beliefs of international students, but shall not provide places for international students to undertake religious ceremonies. Missionary work or religious gatherings on campus are prohibited.

The conservatory shall provide international students with accommodations and other necessary living services and facilities, and shall formulate and publish administrative rules on the use of these services and facilities in accordance with relevant provisions

6. Administration of Visa and Residence Permit

International students shall attend to registration formalities for study by presenting their ordinary passports with an “X1” or “X2” visa. An international student who plans to study in China for a lone term (more than 12 months) shall apply for an “X1” visa at the relevant Chinese visa authority abroad by presenting his or her Visa Application Form for Study in China, the letter of acceptance from our conservatory, and the Foreigner’s Physical Examination Record. A foreigner student who plans to study in China for less than 6 months shall apply for an “X2” visa.

After receiving a letter of acceptance issued by the conservatory, the dependants of a international student may apply for “L” visas at the Chinese embassy or consulate where they reside in order to accompany the student to China.

After entering the territory of the People's Republic of China, the international student who plans to study in China for more than 6 months shall, within the stipulated time limit, has her Foreigner’s Physical Examination Record formally certified at the health and quarantine authorities.

An international student shall apply for the Foreigner’s Certificate of Residence at the Public Security Bureau within 30 days after entry.

International students who have graduated, completed study, or left school shall exit China within the stipulated time limit.

III. Code of Conduct for International students

1. International students should abide by Chinese laws, decrees and relevant regulations. They shall not interfere with Chinese internal affairs, and jeopardize Chinese national security and interests.

2. International students shall abide by Chinese Exit and Entry Administrative System. They shall not forge, alter or use other people’s passports and visas as their own.

3. International students shall comply with the rules, regulations and disciplines of the conservatory, with the consciousness to preserve school’s teaching order and daily life order. They shall not have delinquent behavior, including sabotaging public property, gambling, abusing drugs and alcohol, fighting and sexually harassing.

4. International students should respect teachers and respect each other’s customs, practices and religious belief to maintain the friendship with students from different countries. They shall not infringe others’ legitimate interests.

5. International students may, upon the approval of the conservatory, hold mass gatherings and participate in parades and demonstrations in accordance with campus management regulations after filing a petition to the International Exchange Office.

6. The international students who violate the above rules shall get penalty of a deduction or suspension of scholarships, fine, warning, serious warning, demerit recording, academic probation, forcible withdrawal or expulsion from the conservatory, depending on the seriousness of their cases assessed by the International Exchange Office. Those international students who have been expelled should be repatriated immediately. Dispatching agencies shall be informed to conduct their expelled government-supported students.

                                                                    The International Student Office of Central Conservatory of Music

                                                                                                          November, 2014