Registration and Payments




Registration and Payments

1. Registration and Course Selection

Students should go to the International Student’s Office for registration in the first week of Sept. and carry the registration certificate to the Academic Administration Office or Graduate Student Affairs Division and the Departments of relevant majors. Students (bachelor, postgraduate, doctorate) who are admitted through Entrance Examinations could select the course online via individual student numbers. General Advanced Study Students or Senior ones ought to select the courses from the Curriculum bulletin boards on the 2nd Floor of the Academic Building. Then put down the selected course in the Selection Form and give it to the Academic Administration Office or Graduate Student Affairs Division.  

2. Payment of Tuition

Within one week after the new semester starts, please go to the Finance Department on the 2nd Floor of the Administrative Building to pay the one-year tuition with the registration certificate issued by the International Student’s Office.

3. Foreign Currency Exchange

Please carry your passport and go to the Da Cheng Mansion Branch of Bank of China to change the foreign currency to Chinese yuan.

Add.: 1st Floor, Da Cheng Mansion, No. 127 Xi Da Street, Xuan Wu Men.

Route: Turn left from the west gate of the Conservatory, walk along the side road of the 2nd Ring Road for about 300m.

4. Payment of Accommodation Fee

Within two weeks after the new semester starts, please go and pay the accommodation fee to the International Student’s Office.

Charging standard: 60RMB/day for a double room;

               120RMB/day for a single room

General facilities: Air-conditioner, conservatory’s internet access, private bathroom, public kitchen.

Requirements: students ought to pay ①RMB Cash② accommodation fee for one semester while the daily accommodation fee would be refunded if moved out for certain reason ③1% overdue fine per day for delaying payment.

5. Getting a One-Card

Please carry a 1-inch photo to the International Student’s Office to process the one-card within one week after the new semester starts. This card could be used for: entering the International Students Apartment, using the practice room,cafeteria & Library, etc.

6. Underwriting the health Insurance

According to the regulations of the Ministry of Education of the PRC, international students whose study term is over six months, ought to buy China Ping An Insurance, otherwise no registration or enrollment.

7. Special Notice for China Government Scholarship Students

China Government Scholarship Students ought to go and get “Letter of Allowance” from the International Student’s Office and give it back to the office after filling in the information of your bank account.    

The standard of monthly allowance for China Government Scholarship Student is as following:

Bachelor degree Students: 2500RMB;

Postgraduate and General Advanced Study Students: 3000RMB;

Doctorates and Senior Advanced Study Students: 3500RMB.

For those scholarship students who arrive at conservatory and register before 15th September, allowance of the month will be wired to the account on 20th September. For those who arrive at conservatory after 15th September, the conservatory will wire the allowance of September and October as well as the settlement allowance to their accounts before Oct. 20th.