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Notice for CCOM’s 75th Anniversary Celebration


   In 2015, CCOM is going to mark the 75th anniversary of its founding. We wish to express our sincere appreciation and profound respects to all the leaders, alumni at home and abroad and people from all section of the society for having concerned with and supported the development of CCOM.

   The 75th anniversary, connecting the past and the future, is a milestone in CCOM’s history. In line with the principle of simplicity, solemnity and pragmatism, CCOM plans to celebrate its 75th anniversary on November 1st 2015.

   CCOM, successor to Chongqing Qingmuguan National Conservatory of Music built in November 1940, merged together with National Academy of Music in Nanjing(including the class for younger children), the Music Ensemble of the Northeast Lu Hsun Institute of Literature and Art, the Music Department of the Literature and Art School of the North China University, the Music Department of the National Peiping School of Arts and China Conservatory of Music (based in Shanghai and Hong Kong), and formed a new one in Tianjin in 1949. On December 18th 1949, the State Council officially named it as Central Conservatory of Music. CCOM was listed as the national key university in 1960, and got funded by the “211 project” in 1999. 

   CCOM has a close relationship with many Chinese art troupes, institutes and art academies. In 1952, CCOM Music Ensemble moved to Beijing and merged with the Dance Ensemble of Central Academy of Drama into Central Song & Dance Ensemble (predecessor of China National Symphony Orchestra, China National Song & Dance Ensemble and The Central Nationalities Orchestra). The Music Department of Yenching University joined it in the same year. In 1954, the Research Institute of CCOM expanded into the Research Institute of National Music and moved to Beijing, and then in 1957 it became independent as Chinese National Academy of Music (predecessor of the Music Research Institute of Chinese National Academy of Arts). In 1957, the affiliated middle school of music was established. After moving from Tianjin to Beijing in 1958, some teachers and students of CCOM were arranged to the newborn China Conservatory of Music. In 1973, CCOM was absorbed into the Central Five-Seven Academy of Art and set up the Music Department. In 1977, the Central Five-Seven Academy of Art was abolished and CCOM regained its name and institutional structure. In 1980, those teachers and students returned to the reconstructed CCOM.

   With the joint efforts of the leaders and the faculty, CCOM has developed into a world-class academy representingthe best professional music education in the country, featuring a whole array of disciplines andcarrying a high reputation for itself both at home and abroad. CCOM has made great achievementin students’ development of international outlook, innovative spirit and strong practical capacity. Over the past 75 years, graduates and alumni of CCOM have done a remarkable job in their work, contributing profoundly to the development of music and art in China. Many of them, who have become world-known artists, have not only earned a good reputation for CCOM, but also made critical contribution to the music industry.

   To appreciate your consideration and support, we honestly look forward to the presence of all the leaders and our guests and friends from all lines of the society at our celebration of 75thanniversary and we sincerely welcomeall the teachers, students, alumni at home and abroad and all previous staff to gather in CCOM, sharing our long-lasting love for it and celebrating this great event. Notice is hereby given. We will appreciate it very much if any of you could publicize this.

                                                                                                                    Central Conservatory of Music

                                                                                                                                  June 2015