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2022 International Admission Guide for Ph.D, Central Conservatory of Music


A.        Registration

a)        Application Prerequisites

i.              The applicants should have a degree or an equivalent qualification to a Chinese Master's Degree. The applicants expecting to graduate should achieve the Master’s Degree before the enrollment.

ii.              The Applicants should have good moral character and good physical health that meets the standards of physical examination.

iii.              Level 5 Certificate of Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK).

b)        Type of application: full-time.

c)        Examination time and place: examination would be take place on CCOM campus. For more information, please check the “2022 Admission Arrangement for Ph.D, Central Conservatory of Music”.

d)        Registration Method:

Each applicant can only register one professional direction of CCOM (information for professional directions, professors, please refer to “Ph.D Attachment I”).

Fill in the Central Conservatory of Music Registration Information form  (Attachment I) for International Students (Master and Ph.D Programs), scan the QR code (see attachment II below), pay the registration fee of 800 RMB, send the registration information form and a screenshot of the successful payment to The subject of the email titles "2022 International Ph.D. Application + Name + Application Department + Application Direction". The registration time is from March 1 to March 13, 2022.

e)        Registration Materials

Applicants should send all the registration materials following. Please wait for the further information about the exact time and shipment

i.          Chinese proficiency Level 5 of HSK and physical examination report is required for all international applicants.

ii.         For other registration materials, please refer to Ph.D Attachment II. The submitted materials, including papers, works, CDs, etc., must be original to the applicant, otherwise the examination and admission qualifications would be cancelled.

f)         Materials needed to the International Students Office

Applicants should fill the "Application Form for International Students Admission" (see attachment III below) and send it to

Applicants also need to prepare a certificate of no criminal record and a certificate of financial ability in advance. Please send it to before enrollment. Applicants who do not pass the review will be cancelled the qualification.

B.        Examination

a)        Exam Procedure:

i.              Department of Composition, electronic music and Musicology: The examination would be divided into initial exam and re-exam, combined with written examinations and interviews (for subjects please refer to Attachment II and the foreign applicants are no need to take the foreign languages examination).

ii.              Department of Conducting, Piano, Orchestral Instruments, Voice and Opera, Music AI and Information Technology and Traditional Instruments adopt “Application and then assessment” (for the examination subjects, please see Attachment II).

b)        Recommended books: see Attachment III.

C.        Admission

CCOM will make decisions according to the applicant's application materials and test scores. The admissions notifications will be sent in June 2022 enclosed the admission procedures.

D.       Enrollment

Registration Period: Specified in the admissions notifications

Physical Reexamination: Applicants who failed to meet the physical requirements would be rejected.

Tuition Fee: 48,000 RMB per person per year

Accommodation: At students’ own expense. For more information, call the Office of International Students (+8610-66414640).

E.        Degree

After completing all courses, successful holding the students’ degree recitals, passing the thesis defense, and meeting the requirements of the "Regulations of the People's Republic of China on Academic Degrees", students would receive their doctoral degrees.

All needed attachments can be downloaded at: