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The Piano Department


The Piano Department of Central Conservatory of Music is an important department whose history is as long as that of the Conservatory.In the early days of New China, to promote piano education in this country, musicians from National Academy of Music in Nanjing, Beiping State Vocational Art School, together with musicians who had just come back from foreign countries such as France and the United States,formed the initial faculty of the department. Among them were some famous musicians, including Zhu Shimin, Yi Kaiji, Zhu Gongyi, Li Changsun and Hong Shiji. In the 1950s and 1960s, some other well-known musicians joined the faculty, including Hong Dalin, Cheng Meide, Xia Guoqiong, Zhou Guangren, Zhou Shukun, Li Juhiong and Liu Yu, etc. At that time, some renowned professors from former Soviet Union including Serov, Tatulian and Kravchenko also played an important role in China’s piano education. During that period, the department produced many outstanding pianists such as GuShengying, Li Mingqiang, Liu Shikun and Yin Chengzong. Since then, the department faculty has been further enlarged---a number of topgraduates from CCOM and Shanghai Conservatory of Music and abroad have been attracted here to form a dynamic world-class faculty. In 2009, programs including accordion, electronic organ as well as clavichord were incorporated into the Piano Department.

At present, there are three teaching and research offices in the department respectively offering course in piano (compulsive), piano (optional) and keyboard. In the first one there are six professors, including Zhou Guangren, Wu Ying (director of the department), BianMeng, Pan Chun (deputy director of the department) and Du Taihang (director of the office), among which Sheng Yuan, Zhou Guangren and Li Qifang receive the special state allowance, four associate professors, including You Xi, Zhao Ling, Zou Xiang and Tan Xiaotang and twolecturers, including Tong Bo and Chen Yunjie. In the second one there are nine professors, including Li Xin, Lin Ye (director of the office), Ma Shaokang, Cui Honggen, Wei Xiaofan, Yao Lan, Liu Xingchen, Sun Xiaodan and Tong Wei and four lecturers, including Zhang Zuoquan, He Yi and ZhiYuanfangxing. In the third onethere are three professors, including Cao Xiaoqing (secretary of the Party General Branch and deputy director of the department as well as deputy director of the office), ShenXiaoming (external professor) and ShenFanxiu and one lecturer, Shen Yuan. Besides, there are six professors, including Li Qifang, Chen Bigang, GuoZhihong and XieHuazhenfrom the first one as well as Huang Peiying and Tai Er from the second onewho have come back to work after retirement.

Now the department has 73 undergraduates and 25 master’s students majoring in piano; 9 undergraduates and 5 master’s students in accordion; 13 undergraduates and 4 master’s students in electronic organ.

The piano department now offers courses in: piano (compulsory), chamber music of piano, art history of piano, accompaniment practicing, vocal music accompaniment, piano teaching methods and intern teaching, piano performing and conducting, studies on piano performing style, piano (optional, tutorial), piano (optional, large class), impromptu piano accompaniment, accordion (compulsory), concert and ensemble of accordion, electronic organ (compulsory), and concert and ensemble of electronic organ.

Over the past five decades, the department has produced many great pianists for the country. Its students and teachers have won more than 200 prizes in music contests at home and abroad. Hundreds of students have graduated from the department, and some of them now work overseas. Many competent teachers who teach piano accompaniment in the Conservatory or in its Affiliated Middle Schoolalso graduated here. Since the establishment of the accordion program, its students have won many prizes in various important national and international contests.

Each year, several world-class piano mastersare invited by the department to give lectures and deliver performances. Academic exchanges are quite frequent. Teachers in the department also participate frequently in various domestic and overseas performances and teaching activities as well as actas judges in piano contests. Besides, the department also holda variety of artistic practice activities, for example, concerts, to provide learning opportunities for its students.