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EOS Repertoire Orchestra

EOS Repertoire Orchestra (the former EOS Orchestra) or Orchestra Academy at Central Conservatory of Music was established in 2006. The members are mainly instructors and students of Orchestra Academy, musicians from professional orchestras at home and abroad, and some postgraduates from CCOM Orchestral Instruments Department. Since its establishment seven years ago, the department has got outstanding artistic results and is well received by society.

EOS Repertoire Orchestra owns its own music season, with 10 Music Season Concerts in Beijing Concert Hall and 4 to 6 Weekend Concerts in National Grand Theatre every year, and it is praised as a well-known brand.

EOS Repertoire Orchestra has performed all of Mahler's symphonies within the past few years. It has performed nearly 70 works during its regular music season, including film soundtracks, Peking Opera excerpts, rock music and symphonies, multimedia concerts, Christmas concert, and some creative (Weiyue) works written by young artists who were born after 1980. In particular, the orchestra has recently performed many complex works, such as the Bartok Concerto, the Tan Dun Orchestra Concerto and Mathis der Maler.

The U-Music university student program of EOS Repertoire Orchestra has provided over 10,000 free concert tickets to university students, which has been highly praised by such mainstream media as CCTV News and Xinhua News Agency. The U-Music project has performed road shows and over forty lectures about music in many universities as Peking University, Tsinghua University, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and Hong Kong Baptist University, etc. The orchestra has also held music festivals at Shanghai Cool Dock since 2012, which is a 10-day charity show and provides training to local student orchestras.

Adhering to the educational concept of "Illuminating Life with Music", EOS Repertoire Orchestra was designated as a “National Orchestra Teaching Demonstration Center” by the Ministry of Education for years in a row. As a highly respected "Demonstration Center", it has developed a variety of core courses: orchestral performance lessons, orchestral literature and lessons concerning complex works, and practice exams. Numerous compositions of teaching materials have been researched and developed. Meanwhile, a Mahler symphony CD has been recorded and published, as well as a textbook of viola performance teaching. Besides, chamber music performance has gained further development.

EOS Repertoire Orchestra has nurtured numerous talented performers based on its unique teaching principles, and all graduates are succeeded in getting jobs. The orchestra has held many international exchange activities, such as the performance of Mahler’s Second Symphony and Beethoven's Ninth Symphony in cooperation with Yale University, the Master Class of the world renowned violinist and educator Midori, the Master Class of Michael Tilson Thomas, a master conductor of San Francisco Symphony Orchestra, and the participation in the Menuhin International Violin Competition, etc.

EOS Repertoire Orchestra aims to attract more students, including the professionals, and become both a practical and academic institution to further develop Chinese symphonic performance, which will make the Orchestra Academy an institution with profound guidance and extensive meaning.