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Traditional Instruments Department


Traditional Instruments Department at Central Conservatory of Music is a teaching sectorof musical performance and this integrated subject includes traditional instrumental music teaching, performance and research.

Established in 1950, the department was originally namedasfolk music group, led by Mr. Chen Zhenduo, which was affiliated to Orchestral Instruments Department. Traditional Instruments Department was raised in 1953, with Mr. Liu Hengzhi and Mr. Chen Zhenduo in charge and Mr. LanYusong as counselor. This department was formally established in 1956. The previous department directors include Mr. ZhaXuxi, Mr. Miao Tianrui, Mr. Huang Guodong, Mr. Wang Guotong, Mr. Li Zhengui, Mr. Zhao Hanyang and Mr. Li Guanghua. Ms. Yu Hongmei is the current department director and branch secretary. The deputy directors are Mr. Dai Ya and Ms. Zhang Hongyan.

There are five teaching and research offices and a traditional orchestra in the department, which are String Instruments Teaching-research Office, Plucked Instruments Teaching-research OfficeI, Plucked Instruments Teaching-research OfficeII, Wind Instruments Teaching-research Office and Percussion Instruments Teaching-research Office, respectively. The faculty is made up of 22 professors, 1 associate professor, 7 lecturers and 1 assistant. There are 320 undergraduates (four-year schooling) and 142 postgraduates (three-year schooling) studying in the department. The department includes following 16 majors: guqin, zheng, pipa, sanxian, liuqin, yangqin, ruan, konghou, erhu, banhu, bass bowed string, di, guanzi, sheng, suona, and percussion music.The required courses include solo, ensemble and some specialized courses. The basic professional courses include Chinese music history, western music history, introduction to traditional Chinese music, solfeggio and ear training, concord, musical forms and piano.

The teaching–research offices of this department take theleading position in China in the aspects of teaching standard, performance ability, textbook compilation and theoretical research. Many majors, such as erhu, pipa, zither and flute, have already reached an international advanced level. Consisted of outstanding young teachers, undergraduates and postgraduates, the traditional orchestra of the department is one of the youngest and the top traditional orchestras in China.

According to incomplete statistics, since 1980, the faculty of this department has published more than ninety monographs and textbooks, over 350 audiovisual products and more than 200 academic papers.A General Survey of Chinese Traditional Instruments,edited and published by the department, is the most complete and authoritative work collections in traditional Chinese instrumental music, which has also made a great contribution to textbook compilation and theoretical research in this field.In addition, professors of the department are constantly invited to act as judges of many musical competitions, to visit and give lectures and performances all over the world.Their activities are highly appreciated by musicians of different countries.

During the last decade, the teachers and students of our department have achieved more than 113 gold awards and 92 silver awards in international and domestic competitions, including the vast majority of awards in CCTV Traditional Instrumental Music TV Contest; every gold and silver award of government awards, such as Golden Bell Awards and Splendor Award; the first award of Taipei Traditional Instrumental Concerto Competition for sixteen times in a row; the first prize of “Tianhua Cup” National Erhu Competition for three times continually, the first prize of Silk & Bamboo Music Ensemble Competition in home and abroad, and National Cantonese Music Competitionfor two consecutive years, and the gold awards of the First Chinese Youth Art Competition. The Traditional Instruments Department of CCOM is world-widely considered as the leading academic base for traditional instrumental music performance and teaching.