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Violin Making and Research Center


In 1988, Violin Making and Research Center of Central Conservatory of Music was founded by the Directorand Professor ZhengQuan, after his study in Italy. The predecessor of the Center, Violin Making Lab, which was established in 1977, was subordinate to the Academic Administration Office. The Center was a division-level department, directly under the leadership of the Conservatory that time. In 2002, Music Science and Technology Divisionwas established, with Violin Making and Research Center as a branch (still a division-level department). The division was canceled in 2013, and Violin Making and Research Center regained its status as an independent division-leveldepartment.

The major of violin making was abolishedfrom the undergraduate subject catalogues of the State Education Commission when the Center was established in 1988, so the first batch of graduates of the Center is classified as junior college students. In 1989, the undergraduate programwas authorized by the State Education Commission and the postgraduate program was authorized in 1994. This major was found in the affiliatedmiddle school in 2006, which allowed students’ ten-years learning process from middle school to university. Meanwhile, the one-year refresher class was set up to meet the need of professional talents for the community and enterprises.

In 2013, the majors of bow making and violin repairing were added to the former violin making major, which can cultivate more talents according to the society’s specific needs.

It should be particularly emphasized that we have a multi-level teaching system for violin making, which is unparalleled in the world. The establishment of this major is closely related to music teaching and the students can be more exposed to music. Besides, students of violin making can communicate with the students and teachers of violin playing, which plays a vital role in making them highly qualified violin makers.

Over the past two decades, many graduates have achieved over ten gold and silver medals in the international violin making competitions. In addition, some graduates have become professional violin makers with their own studios.

At present, the violin making major can be found in six conservatoires of music in China.

The specialized courses include: violin making practice, violin making technology, violin repairing, violin varnishing, musical acoustics, violin designing, history of string instruments, wood science, bow making, instruments performing, chamber music, etc.

The scientific research projects completed and main achievements and honors are listed as follows:

“Material Research on Bow Instruments” sponsored by Fok Ying Tung Foundation Program on Research; “Violin Material Processing” and “Traditional Bass String Instruments Design” sponsored by the Ministry of Culture; “Research on the Relation between Acoustic Vibration Modes and Violin Making” and “Hydrophobic Treatment and Nanocomposite on Violin Wood Modification Mechanism ” supported by National Natural Science Foundation of China, co-worked with Institute of Acoustics and Institute of Mechanics affiliated to Chinese Academy of Sciences in 202 and 2012; “discipline construction of Violin Repairing” by Beijing colleges and universities.

In 2003, the project named “Additional Device Installed on Musical Instrument Box” has achieved national patent and the patent got the gold medal of the Third Eureka World Invention Expo in 2004.