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The Institute of Music Education


The Institute of Music Education of Central Conservatory of Music(CCOM), was the predecessor department of music education of CCOM, established in 1999.

To meet the requirements of music education development and promote the new music education scheme’s tentative extension, under the approval of Central Conservatory of Music Committee of the Communist Party of China, to strengthen the autonomy of teaching, the Institute of Music Education - the secondary school of CCOM was established in Sep, 2011.

The purpose of the Institute of Music Education is: to cultivate talents aimed at reforming national music education and meet the requirements of new era’s school music education and thus contribute to promoting national quality.

The Institute of Music Education first introduced the most influential and popular three advanced music education systems to China. We try to explore Chinese specific music education approaches combining international music education concepts and methods. Based on above aims, it set the new principles of higher conservatories’music education syllabus and reforms the education philosophy, syllabus and curriculum of higher conservatory on the whole. Systemtically bringing international music education system and combining it with Chinese domestic music and culture, it set up a new music education system featured with modern time and ethnic flavor and successfully cultivate the first Chinese music teachers qualified with new education methods. The Institute of Music Education also set up many new courses not open in China before, and filled the blank of Chinese music education compulsory courses and built a unique and influential way of schooling.

Since establishment in 1999, through systematical studies of international music education system, the Institute of Music Education insisted on combining scientific researches with discipline building, teaching with curriculum reforming, promoting and utilizing scientific results, exploring and practicing new approaches of reforming Chinese music education. The Institute of Music Education got a series of music education studies achievements, built a professional teaching team with new philosophies, new knowledge and new teaching skills, and cultivated a great many undergraduates and postgraduates who have become the music teacher of primary schools, middle schools and colleges, practicing and spreading the new education system.

The basic principles of Institute of Music Education’s schooling and curriculum are: to set up a professional dream of devoting to national music education, to acquire professional music knowledge and basic music skills, to understand the artistic nature and aesthetic value of music, to be capable of guiding the students in music events and music appreciation, to master Chinese and international music teaching skills and textbooks, to grasp the basic principles and skills of education,to be able to organize music teaching and music activities at different levels and cultivate the students’ cultural quality and music appreciation capability.

The Institute of Music Education provides five-year undergraduate music education project, opening the professional compulsory courses as follows: singing tutorial based on Kodaly system, including sight-singing and ear-training, chorus(chorus-duet training, chorus-conducting training, chorus literature reading,etc), music and movement courses based on Orff-Dahl music education system, trial courses of Teaching materials, teaching methods and teaching practice(emphasize the practicality and use the open and intuitive teaching methods directly linked with teaching test point), the basic theory and practice of composing(basic technical theory of composing, emphasizing the characteristics of music education, and combining harmony, polyphony, orchestration, musical form all in one, and linking with Keyboard and harmony improvisation,Small band composing and other practical courses),Chinese and western music education history, pedagogy principle, education psychology, etc. And also opened the common required courses: Chinese music history, the history of western music, Chinese folk music, foreign folk music, piano, etc. The new curriculum, using international advanced science and music teaching method, doing screening and testing in practical teaching, in order to create a music education professional standard gradually.

Our music education is characterized by attaching importance to combine teaching with practice. The new system classes have been set up in many colleges and universities across the country. Teaching experiment spots have been set up in many provinces and cities. All of these have yield great social response and prepare the undergraduates and masters for future job-hunting.

Since the beginning of its establishment, the music education project has built long-term collaboration relationship with Hungarian Kodaly Music Institute and International Kodaly Society, Orff Foundation, Orff Institution, Hannover Academy of musical drama, Hannover Institute of music education and Swiss Dahl croze College. The collaboration projects include inviting their professors to give lectures here and sending students of music education department to study in these music institutes and jointly cultivating postgraduates and faculty of higher education every year.

The Institute of Music Education successfully held many international music education seminars, and systematically studied and operated on the utilization of international music education systems in China. The new music education system in Chinese schools created by this discipline, have built many experimental teaching bases all over the country.

The Institute of Music Education use advanced philosophy and scientific methods to train mixing chorus, female chorus and children chorus, which won attention in Chinese music circle.

In 2008, “Comprehensive Reform of Music Education for Higher Conservatories” of the Institute of Music Education won the first prize of “Beijing Education and Teaching Achievement Award(higher education)”, In 2009, this project won the second prize in the Sixth National Teaching Achievement Award, and the Institute of Music Education was also awarded as Beijing higher Education Teaching Demonstration Center in the same year. In 2010, the Reform of Music Quality Education, Innovation of School Music Education System was officially listed as the National Education System Reform Pilot Project in accordance with the Outline. In this year, also started the different-phase training and promotion of music education system for ordinary music teachers across the country. The first phase of January, 2011, the second phase of July, 2011 and the third phase of January, 2012 courses have won wide praises by most of the teachers, and have achieved great training results. In January 2012, the training program was formally incorporated into “the national training program for primary and secondary school teachers of the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Finance”, in order to continuously improve the new system of music education,and cultivate more outstanding innovative music education talents for the country.