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Musicology Department


   Central Conservatory of Music (CCOM) was the first to establish the Musicology Department in musical arts institutes nationwideIn September1956.In almost sixty years, the department has formeda relatively developed teaching system and solid academic strength in terms of discipline construction. In 1982, it was authorized the musicology master degree program by the Academic Degree Committee of the State Council. In 1988, it was authorized the doctoral degree program. At present, besides musicology, majors including music and arts management and music therapy are also authorized the master degree program. In the major setting, course structure, teaching staff, academic research and the training of talents, the Musicology Department of CCOM is taking lead in national discipline construction and development.

    It is an important base of musicology teaching and research. There are seven majors in the Musicology Department including Chinese music history, traditional Chinese music theory, western music history, aesthetics of music, world folk music theory, music and arts management and music therapy. There are folk music laboratories, multimedia studios, a practice center of world music performance, European early music center, a research center of aesthetics of music, and a research center of psychology of music. Besides, there is distance learning. There are over eighty courses of all majors in total. Many theoretical courses are only opened here. All the major courses (including traditional Chinese music, Chinese music history, western music history, world folk music, and aesthetics of music) are opened with textbooks written by our teachers through a modern teaching method. Since the establishment of the Department, teachers have published tens of thousands monographs, textbooks and papers. Many research results are complementary to domestic and foreign musicology subjects and are adopted by many domestic and foreign colleges.

   There are twenty-four professors (two foreign distinguished ones included) and eight associate professors in the Department. There are twenty-six PhD supervisors (includingfourexternal ones) and forty-five master supervisors (including PHD supervisors). There are four lectures and a teaching assistant as well as four part-time teachers.

     In 2015, there are 275 students in the Department, including eighty undergraduates majoring in musicology, twenty-seven in arts management and twenty-eight in music therapy. There are ninety postgraduate students and fifty PhD students.