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The Middle School affiliated to the Central Conservatory of Music


    The Middle School affiliated to the Central Conservatory of Music is a state-level key middle school under the Ministry of Education directly, which was directly guided by the Ministry of Culture before. In 1945, it was founded in Qingmuguan, Chongqing, known as Childhood Class of National Academy of Music, and the school moved to Changzhou, Jiangsu. With the establishment of the Central Conservatory of Music in Tianjin, the National Academy of Music was merged into the conservatory. In this way, the Childhood Class was renamed as Youth Class of the Central Conservatory of Music. The Youth Class was separated from the conservatory on July 1st, 1957 and named itself as the Middle School affiliated to the Central Conservatory of Music.

     Under the guidance of the leading comrades at all levels, our school has expanded to a large size through painstaking efforts of generations. Nowadays, we are broadly developing towards the orientation of modernization and internationalization.

At present, students can choose one of five majors in our six-year schooling system, including Keyboard, Orchestra, Chinese musical instruments, Composition and Basic musicology. In 2009, authorized by the Ministry of Education and Beijing Municipal Education Commission, we set up the teaching venue in the cooperation with the Music School of Macao Art College. At that time, 31 students were admitted. In 2010, we collaborated with the music and education departments of conservatory and enrolled 11 middle school students and 8 high school students majoring in Music Education. The number of students in school reached over 1000 at that year.

     We enjoy a strong faculty team after the development of more than ten years, and every member of the team is second to none in professional teaching levels. Some noted professors ever worked as a teacher here, such as Huang Yuanli, Liao Fushu, Xia Zhiqiu, Zhang Yan, Yi Kaiji, Zhu Gongyi, Yang Ruhuai, Han Li, LanYusong, Yu Yixuan, Shen Xiang, Lin Yaoji, Sui Keqiang, Wang Zhilong, Zhou Guangren, Pan Yiming, Song Tao, Wang Zhenshan, Chen Bigang and the like. What is more, among those old-aged professors, such as Fang Chengguo, Tao Chunxiao, Wang Zhenxian, Jin Aiping, Ling Yuan, Zhao Pingguo, Wu Yuan, ZhongHui, Chen Yuan, Zhu Dun and Wang Yongxin, etc., some still adhere to teaching students, while others take the teaching supervision on board. They all have been making painstaking efforts to nurture talents of our school. In recent years, a group of young teachers are playing increasingly important role in teaching and art practice with continuous development and growth. The staff members with intermediate or senior professional titles account for over 60% the total. In addition, some of them are the cream of the crop among young instrumentalists and composers in China and abroad as a result of their excellent performances in some significant musical competitions. Furthermore, the textbooks and syllabuses written by teachers in our school are welcomed by our counterparts and experts and adopted by other musical schools. Last but not least, such professors as Yu Shuqian, Tang Dezhang, Fang Chengguo and CaiZhongde taught academic subjects well, leaving memorable and deep impression upon previous students. In this way, our teaching in academic subjects is deeply rooted in wonderful tradition.

     We have produced 3000 qualified graduates since the foundation. Many of them have become the key staff of famous art groups and schools at home and abroad, enjoying high reputation in the field of music. There are some great representatives: Shi Guangnan, Chu Wanghua, Wang Liping, Liu Shikun, Yin Chengzong, Sheng Zhongguo, BaoHuiqiao, Wang Guotong, Huang Anlun and Chen Zuohuang. Since the reform and opening up, more splendid young talents emerged as Jiang Jianhua, Guo Chang, LvSiqing, Huan Bin, Lang Lang, Wang Yujia, Zhao Jing, Yang Tianwa, Li Teng, Wang Liang, TianBonian, Jin Yu, taking their own places in the world arena. According to preliminary estimates, 459 students in our school were awarded in various international musical contests and over 1000 have become one of the top three in academic contests at or above provincial level.

     As the significant window to conduct foreign exchanges in the field of musical culture, we have always attached great importance to art practice and foreign exchange since the foundation. World-renowned artists as Menuhin and Stern came to our school and taught practical skills to our students. In turn, we also send brilliant teachers and students to visit different countries and participate in various performances in an effort to strengthen Sino-foreign cultural communications. As early as in 1959, the only youth orchestra named Red Scarf Orchestra was set up here, which was concerned a lot by successive country leaders and proletarian revolutionists including Chou Enlai and Deng Xiaoping. Over the years, the performance level of the orchestra has been increasingly improved under the support of different social sectors and the strict training of teachers. In the 1980s, some world-famous musicians as Seiji Ozawa, Stern and Menuhin came to direct our students. Red Scarf Orchestra became more formal and stronger after it was renamed as the Young Symphony Orchestra of China. The orchestra has ever visited Southeast Asia, Europe as well as regions of Hong Kong, Macao and Formosa. In this way, they have made great contributions to promoting national culture and friendly exchanges and publicizing the fruits of reform and opening up. What’s more, the reunification of our country is fueled by their performances too. In the 1990s, a host of musical groups are formed one after another, such as Young National Orchestra, Children’s Choir, Young Chamber Orchestra and Young Brass Band. Our students have improved their professional qualities and practiced their art abilities through the performances of their organizations. At the same time, these groups have added new parts to the outstanding achievements of musical teaching in our school.

     We have developed into a secondary specialized music school with Chinese characteristics and international influence after integrated into performance, composition, science and research at the heart of teaching. By doing so, we are renowned as the Cradle of Musicians. With the spirit of being moral, knowledgeable, skillful and unswerving, all the teachers and students are struggling for building our school into a world-class professional music paradise.