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Notes of Application for International Students in 2017


I. Application

Eligibility for Application

  • Examinees of foreign nationalities must holdthe graduation certificate (graduating students may submit an official document indicating their status as enrolled graduating students) fromSeniorHighSchool and the transcript.
  • Examinees of foreign nationalities must hold acertificate for Level3 or above of Chinese Proficiency Test(HSK), that is the result of HSK Level 3 should be no less than 180 points.
  • According to the regulations specified inNotice of the Ministry ofEducation onstandardizingthe acceptance ofinternationalstudents inChinese universities (No.83 issued in 2009), the applicants who used to beresidentson the mainland, Hongkong, Macao and Taiwanbeforeemigration must have hold valid foreign passports or documents indicating their nationalities for at least four years, if they want to apply forundergraduate programs in China asinternational students. Besides, they must have records of having settled abroad for over two years in therecent four years by the end of April 30 in the enrollment year. (The living up to nine months abroad in one year can be counted as one year. The entrystampshall prevail.)

Means of Application

Only online application is acceptable for admission in our conservatory. Applicants may either refer to the admissions website of our conservatory:, or enter the “UndergraduateEnrollmentSystem” via the link “Admission and Training→Undergraduates” on the homepage of our campus

Application time

From 01/16/2017 to 01/26/2017

The fee for application and examinations must be paid online with this portion of the application.The advisory telephone for online payment is 95516.Those from the outside the mainland of China need to login to the official website of the China UnionPay at for information about counseling telephones. The telephone of the Department of Finance in ourconservatory is 0086 10 66418280.

Please print the admission ticket online by yourself after 02/13 and check exam arrangement.

The fee for application and examinations

800 Yuan.

Other Points forAttention

l We do not accept the application by post or on-site. All examinees must apply online.

l The application materials and examination fees submitted by examinees will not be returned, whether the examinees are enrolled or not(including abandoning exams and being absent from exams).If the examinees still need those materials when applying for other universities, please make photocopies in advance and keep copies.

l Pleasebring yourvalidID card andthe originaladmission ticket to take exams.

II. Method of Application

1. Applicants applying for study in our conservatory at public expense shall apply to the relevant departments through diplomatic channels in their home countries in person.

2. The self-financed international students can apply directly to the International Students’ Office atthe Central Conservatory of Music. Applicants mayfirstgo to the website of theCentralConservatory of Music, and download the“Application Form for International Students at theCentral Conservatory of Music”. After completing the form, send it to ourconservatory either by fax or by post.

(Telephone: 0086 10 66413202,

Fax: 0086 10 66413138,

Mailing Address:the International Students’ Office at the Central Conservatory of Music,

No.43 Baojia Street, Xicheng District, Beijing,P.R.China,  


Email: )

After the information confirmation from our conservatory, applicants must come tothe International Students’ Office (Room 1507, New Apartment Building for International Students, Telephone: 0086 10 66413202) from 10 11a.m. on 02/27 for application confirmation in person with the following documents:

1)Passport or document indicating the nationality;

2) Notarizedgraduation certificatefrom SeniorHighSchool(graduating students may submit an official document indicating their status as enrolled graduating students) andtranscript(a copy is acceptable). 

3) Acertificate for Level3 or above of Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK)


Exam Time: 02/15/2017-02/24/2017

Exam Place:theCentralConservatory of Music

Exam rounds:

  • The professional exams in our conservatory are divided into the following threerounds: the first exams, the secondary exams and the third exams. Applicants passing the first professional exams can take the secondary exams. Examinees of the secondary exams can take the third exams directly.
  • Please refer to the specific requirements ofeach department for information about the requirementsandcontents of the professionalexams for all majors.
  • The results of professional exams will be announced before 04/10/2017 by the conservatory. Examinees cancheck the information on the admissions website of our conservatory: 

IV. Admission and Enrollment


The admission noticewill be sent tothe international students officially admitted as undergraduatestudents by post.

Screening andProbation of New Students

The first three months after the enrollment is the screening period for the new students. The first academic year is the probation period for the new students. During the period, our conservatory will have their nationality identified,professional courses,professional basic courses and physical exams reviewed. Those who are not eligible for admission or have played favoritism and committedirregularities will have their academic statuscancelled immediately once discovered.

Tuition Fee Standard

According to the provision of National Ministry of Education, our conservatory charges tuition fees. All the enrolled new students in 2017 must pay tuition. Approved by the price control department, the tuition is aimed to be 38000 Yuan/person/year for international students of all undergraduate majors in our conservatory.

Note: After the announcement of the brochure,if the tuition standard of our conservatory is adjusted with approval from relevant competent department,we will charge tuition fees according to the newpolicy. 

MusicalInstruments andCostumes after Enrollment

After being admitted,examinees mustprepare all the instruments bythemselves exceptthe piano, percussion instruments (excludingsnare drum) andtheharp. Unified stipulationwill be laid down by the conservatory for thestandards of costumes, which students need to prepare bythemselves whenparticipating in all kinds of art practice.


1.Government-supported students must register withthe International Students’ Office (Room 1507, New Apartment Building for International Students) and theEducational Administrative Department on the specified date with the JW201 form, theadmission notice,health check-up report, CSCmaterials and sixhalf-length photos (3.5 X 4.5cm).

2. Self -financed students must register withthe International Students’ Office (Room 1507, New Apartment Building for International Students) and theEducational Administrative Department on the specified date with theadmission notice,health check-up report, and sixhalf-length photos (3.5 X 4.5cm).

3.All new students mustgo to Beijing InspectionQuarantine for the health certification within a specified time after entering China with their ownpassports, “Physical Examination Record for Foreigner” and the reports of the blood test. Those holding unqualified“Physical Examination Record for Foreigner”or the reports of the blood test willbe required to undergo aphysical examination again. Those students who reject the physical examination or have the disease indicated by the examination result, thus disqualifying theentry asprescribed bythe Chinese law, shall be ordered to leave China and return to their home countries.

4.In accordance with the provisions of the Ministry ofEducation of China, the international students who study in China for more than six months shouldpurchase group comprehensive insurancein mainland China.

Notes: Please find the specific details of each subject in the appendix page12 to 13(only Chinese version) as reference.appendix address: