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Notes of Application for International Students in 2024



Number of Applicants: 6

Eligibility for Application

Examinees of foreign nationalities must be at least 18 years old and must hold the graduation certificate (graduating students may submit an official document indicating their status as enrolled graduating students) from Senior High School and the transcript.
Examinees of foreign nationalities must hold a certificate for Level 3 or above of Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK), that is the result of HSK Level 3 should be no less than 180 points(Certificates should be submitted before April 1, 2024).
According to the regulations specified in Notice of the Ministry of Education on standardizing the acceptance of international students in Chinese universities (No.12 issued in 2020), the following regulations are made for international students who apply for undergraduate study in our school conservatory:

i. According to Chapter 5 of the Nationality Law of the People's Republic of China, if both or one of the parents are Chinese citizens and settled in a foreign country, the person who holds foreign citizenship at birth cannot hold Chinese citizenship. Starting from 2021, the applicants act as international students to start the undergraduate program of colleges and universities. In addition to qualify the college’s other registration requirements, the applicants must have hold valid foreign passports or documents indicating their nationalities for at least four years. Besides, they must have records of having settled abroad for over two years in the recent four years by the end of April 30 in the enrollment year. (The living up to nine months abroad in one year can be counted as one year. The entry stamp or exit stamp shall prevail.)

ii. Residents of the mainland, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan who apply for the undergraduate program of colleges and universities serve as international students after immigration and held foreign citizenship. Meanwhile, they should also qualify the first requirement above.

According to the above requirements, the following supporting documents should be provided:

i. Those who were originally Chinese citizens and later became foreign nationals need to submit:

(1) Chinese nationality or household registration cancellation certificate;

(2) Proof of naturalization of foreign nationality;

(3) Passport entry and departure records from April 30, 2020 to April 30, 2024.

ii. Applicants who acquired foreign nationality at birth and whose parents are both Chinese citizens must submit:

(1) Birth certificate or household register to prove kinship;

(2) The applicant has obtained a certificate of foreign nationality at birth;

(3) The permanent residence certificate of the applicant's parents (Chinese citizens) in a foreign country before birth;

(4) Entry records from 30 April 2020 to 30 April 2024.

Means of Application

Only online application is acceptable for admission in our conservatory. Applicants may either refer to the admissions website of our conservatory:, or enter the “Undergraduate Enrollment System” via the link “Admission and Training→Undergraduates” on the homepage of our campus network:

Application time

From 01/11/2024 to 01/16/2024 12:00

Opening time of the system: 09:00-21:00 01/11/2024 to 01/1/2024.

09:00-12:00 01/16/2024

Applicants must complete all the registration procedures within the prescribed registration time. Overdue registration will not be accepted. The time for printing the admission ticket online and the examination schedule will be notified separately. Please pay attention to our conservatory's undergraduate admission website:

The fee for application and examinations must be paid online with this portion of the application. The advisory telephone for online payment is 95188 (Ali Pay) or 95017 (We Chat).Those from the outside the mainland of China need to login to the official website of the China Union Pay at for information about counseling telephones. The telephone of the Department of Finance in our conservatory is 0086 10 66418280.

The fee for application and examinations

800 RMB.

Other Points for Attention

Candidates are required to comply with our undergraduate admissions Brochure and all undergraduate admissions examination requirements.

We do not accept the application by post or on-site. All examinees must apply online.

The examination fees submitted by examinees will not be returned whether the examinees are enrolled or not (including abandoning exams and being absent from exams).

If the candidate's repertoire does not match the requirements of the brochure, the test score will be less than 50 points. Audition repertoire cannot be changed once submitted online. All departments of our conservatory do not accept simultaneous application

II. Method of Application

i. Applicants applying for study in our conservatory at public expense shall apply to the relevant departments through diplomatic channels in their home countries in person.

ii. The self-financed international students can apply directly to the International Students’ Office at Central Conservatory of Music. Applicants may first go to the website, and download the “Application Form for International Students at Central Conservatory of Music”. After completing the form, please send it to our conservatory by post.

(Telephone: 0086 10 66413202,

Mailing Address: the International Students’ Office, Central Conservatory of Music,

No.43 Baojia Street, Xicheng District, Beijing, P. R. China,

Postcode: 100031,

Email: )

After the information confirmed by our conservatory, applicants should upload the scanned version of the following application materials to before April 1 2024:

1)Passport or document indicating the nationality;

2) Notarized graduation certificate from Senior High School (graduating students may submit an official document indicating their status as enrolled graduating students) and transcript (a copy is acceptable).

3) A certificate for Level 3 or above of Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK)(score no less than 180);

4) Proof of no criminal record;

5) Proof of economic ability;

6) Health examination certificate (within three months before submission) :

7) Other supporting documents mentioned in the "Registration Conditions".

III. Professional Examination

Form: Combining Offline and Online Examination.

The applicants of Voice & Opera major should submit the prescreening video in the first round, and the subsequent rounds of the department of Voice & Opera are required by offline examination.

All applicants for Composition Department, Conducting Department, Musicology Department, Music Education Department, Piano Department, Orchestral Instruments Department, Traditional Chinese Instruments Department, Violin Making and Research Center, Music AI and Information Technology Department are required by offline examination.

Please pay close attention to the information about our undergraduate admissions system

Voice & Opera Department prescreening round Upload video time:

Upload start time: January 11, 2024

Upload deadline: January 16, 2024 12:00 noon

January 11 - January 15 daily open hours: 9:00-21:00

January 16 open hours:9:00- 12:00 noon

Upload website:

The results of the prescreening will be announced separately.

Offline audition time: In late February, the specific arrangement will be announced seperately.

Venue: Central Conservatory of Music.

IV. Enrollment

Our conservatory carries out comprehensive evaluation on the applicants who have passed the examination, and selects the best candidates for admission.

Screening and Probation of New Students

According to the requirements of the relevant documents of the Ministry of Education, our conservatory will review the new students after they are enrolled. Those who are not eligible for admission or have played favoritism and committed irregularities will have their academic status cancelled immediately once discovered.

Tuition Fee Standard

According to the provision of National Ministry of Education, our conservatory charges tuition fees. All the enrolled new students in 2024 must pay tuition. Approved by the price control department, the tuition is aimed to be 38000 Yuan/person/year for international students of all undergraduate majors in our conservatory.

Note: After the announcement of the brochure, if the tuition standard of our conservatory is adjusted with approval from relevant competent department, we will charge tuition fees according to the new policy.

V. Registration

i. Government-supported students must register with the International Students’ Office (Room 1529, New Apartment Building for International Students) and the Office of  Academic Affairs on the specified date with the JW201 form, the admission notice, health check-up report, CSC materials and six half-length photos (3.5 X 4.5cm).

ii. Self -financed students must register with the International Students’ Office (Room 1529, New Apartment Building for International Students) and the Office of Academic Affairs on the specified date with the admission notice, health check-up report, and six half-length photos (3.5 X 4.5cm).

iii. All new students must go to Beijing Inspection Quarantine for the health certification within a specified time after entering China with their own passports, “Physical Examination Record for Foreigner” and the reports of the blood test. Those holding unqualified “Physical Examination Record for Foreigner” or the reports of the blood test will be required to undergo a physical examination again. Those students who reject the physical examination or have the disease indicated by the examination result, thus disqualifying the entry as prescribed by the Chinese law, shall be ordered to leave China and return to their home countries.

iv. In accordance with the provisions of the Ministry of Education of China, the international students who study in China for more than six months should purchase group comprehensive insurance in mainland China.